This section is designed to see how we can protect ourselves from viruses and other infections. The basic principle is to keep the body's natural immune system running at 100%. This more natural approach is especially important in countries with weak health systems or countries with large numbers of people living in poverty.

Probably not everything that follows is available in your country, but you may be able to apply several of the following options:

Zinc (Zn2+)

Zinc inhibits the replication of the virus. In fact, chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine increase intra-cellular zinc concentrations.

Zinc 75-100mg / day (acetate o gluconate)

Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)

Vitamin C is an important antioxidant for the human body, it helps reduce inflammatory reaction and prevents the common cold. Some studies have shown that Vitamin C deficiency increases the risk and severity of influenza. China is currently conducting studies of its intravenous use at a dose of 24,000mg / day in patients with corona-virus and respiratory complications.

Vitamin C 500mg (up to 1000mg) x2 / day (try no to take with sugar as it inhibits it's absorption. Ideally use liposomal Vitamin C)

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D has improvement effects on the immune system. It is worth clarifying that it is D3, there are foods with D2 but that is of inferior quality to put it in a simple way. Low Vitamin D levels have been shown to increase the risk of viral infections of the upper respiratory system.

The interesting thing about Vitamin D is that you can get it for free with the Sun as it can be synthesized by the skin. Exposing to the Sun for about an hour a day without sunscreen (depends on the color of the skin, the lighter the less time, it is important to avoid burning) but avoid the hours of 11:00 to 14:00.

Vitamin D3 5000 IU / day (alternatively get some exposure to Sun without sunscreen, enough to NOT to get a sunburn)


Quercetin is a plant phytochemical. Experimental clinical data suggests that this compound has extensive antiviral properties. Foods that contain Quercetin are for example: apple, onion, asparagus, red lettuce, broccoli, grapes, tomatoes.

Quercetin 250-500mg x2 / day


Recent data suggests that in addition to its property as a powerful antioxidant, melatonin has an antiviral effect against COVID-19.

Melatonin 1-2mg en la noche

Chaga Mushroom (Inonotus obliquus)

This fungus is a powerful antiseptic with antiviral action. Other common names by which it is known:

  • Cinder conk
  • Birch conk
  • Clinker polypore
  • Black Mass
  • A cup of Chaga Tea / day (also available as Chaga coffee and Chaga powder)


    Ginseng has a series of immunomodulatory effects. Ginseng supplements are consumed orally and fermented to ginsenoside compounds by the intestinal flora producing antiviral protective effects against different strains of influenza virus in mouse models (H1N1, H3N2, H5N1 and H7N9). The efficacy depends on the dose of ginseng. It can be found in capsules, dry roots, powder and tea.

    Ginseng capsules, powder or tea

    Green Tea

    Green tea contains anti-cancer substances, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory effects, anti-collagenase and anti-fibrosis.

    Green Tea

    Grapefruit extract

    Grapefruit juice is a strong inhibitor of the CYP3A4 enzyme in the intestine. Grapefruit extract is found in the component in Ritonavir, which is used in substances for HIV treatments. CYP3A4 inhibitors can also be found in yellow root plants such as turmeric, valerian, and red ginseng.

    Grapefruit extract/juice


    Curcuma longa L. and its polyphenolic compound curcumin have undergone a variety of antimicrobial investigations due to extensive traditional uses and low side effects. Antimicrobial activities have been reported for curcumin and rhizome extract of C. longa against different bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites. The accumulated evidence indicates that curcumin has an inhibitory effect against the infection of numerous viruses. To achieve a higher absorption of curcumin it is recommended to add black pepper.

    Curcuma capsules or in powder (add some black pepper)

    Agarikon Mushroom (Fomitopsis officinalis)

    This species of fungus has compounds that have been shown to have antiviral properties that are under research. Some of these compounds are known to be useful in treating swine flu, avian flu, oral and genital herpes, and other viruses. More studies are still required but researchers suggest it may help protect against viruses and bacteria. There is also evidence that helps against influenza and tuberculosis.

    Agarikon Mushroom powder, tea, extract or capsules (500-3000mg per day depending on weight and sex, read the insert)

    Turkey Tail Mushroom (Trametes Versicolor)

    This fungus has showing positive results in the treatment of breast cancer and helps strengthen the immune system.

    Turkey Tail Mushroom powder (mix with your meal) or capsules (2000-3000mg x3 / day)

    Wim Hof breathing techniques

    Cold therapy combined with Wim Hof breathing promotes a number of health benefits. 

    Cold/Freezing showers combined with breathing exercises



    This section is under development.

    1. Vitamina C IV

    Vitamin C IV in high doses.


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  • 2. Ozone Autohemotherapy

    A quantity of blood is taken from the patient, ozonated, and then re-injected into the patient.


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  • 3. Chlorine Dioxide - CDS/MMS (NaClO2)

    Chlorine dioxide (NaClO2) was used by the Red Cross to cure malaria and is a possible solution to viruses. More research is required but according to studies at least it does not cause negative effects on humans.


  • Andreas Kalcker Protocols
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  • References

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  • 4. Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromicin

    Hydroxychloroquine is the current treatment when combined with Azithromycin, but has serious possible side effects. In some studies it works, but in others it doesn't.


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  • 5. Placenta Stem Cells

    Treatment being done in Israel with good results.


  • Coronavirus: Tratamiento israelí demostró una tasa de supervivencia del 100% en pacientes graves

  • 6. Nitric Oxide

    Under research for COVID-19.


  • Clinical trial to investigate nitric oxide for COVID-19 treatment
  • UAB doctors explain nitric oxide clinical trial for COVID-19 treatment

  • 7. Ultraviolet Irradiation of Blood

    UIB was used extensively during the 1940s and 1950s to treat various conditions such as sepsis, pneumonia, tuberculosis, arthritis, asthma, and even polio. It is suggested to be used again.


  • Ultraviolet Irradiation of Blood: “The Cure That Time Forgot”?
  • AYTU Bioscience

  • 8. Ivermectin and Enoxaparin

    The administration of Invermectin in hospitalized patients with COVID-19 is associated with lower mortality and hospital stay.
    Because one of the leading causes of death is disseminated intravascular coagulation and venous thromboembolism, the use of low molecular weight heparin is suggested to improve prognosis in severe patients.


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  • 9. Aspirin (Acetylsalicylic Acid)

    A study has shown that aspirin has antiviral activity in certain viruses. Anecdotal data with some patients (combined with Vitamin C) seems to demonstrate its effectiveness. Observing the coagulation problem in COVID-19 patients and the anticoagulatory action of aspirin, this treatment is presented as an interesting and above all economic option.


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  • 10. Camu Camu

    El camu camu es una fruta rica en Vitamina C y un poderoso antioxidante y anti-inflamatorio natural. Data anecdotica con algunos pacientes parece demostrar cierta eficacia en la disminucion de los sintomas creados por el COVID-19.


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  • 11. Artemisia Annua

    After the president of madagascar announced and defended this plant as an option to cure COVID-19, other studies were reviewed that show that there is scientific evidence for this use.


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  • Sweet Wormwood
  • Theories

    In this section we are going brainstorm a bit and review different theories about the origin of this virus and what it is achieving or should achieve.

    Looking for the evidence...

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